Invisalign Dentist in SayreInvisalign Dentist in Sayre

Are your teeth not equally aligned?? There are different reasons for miss-shaped teeth like some injury at a young age or simply by birth or any other. But the issue is that you feel embarrassed because of these and therefore resist laughing in public places.
There are classical techniques available for straightening the teeth like with the help of metal braces or wires. But we often feel shy wearing metal braces and it makes us conscious while smiling in public. Well forget the embarrassment of braces now with the Invisalign Technology and get your teeth straitened.The doctors at Penn Dental Valley, Sayre excel in Invisalign Technology. They efficiently address your worries regarding the treatment, assess your requirement and accordingly prepare the treatment plan. So get ready to shine through your smile with an amazing technology.

Invisalign Technology is an invisible way to straighten teeth without braces. Instead of braces, it uses ‘aligners’. These are custom made especially for you. With the use of 3D Computer imaging technology, your doctor prepares a complete treatment plan for your teeth which includes different stages from the ‘initial position’ to the ‘final desired position’. Each aligner is produced according to it and fitted snugly over your teeth for a period of time (typically one or two week). Every aligner shifts your teeth slightly, moving them with the right amount of force in the right time and at the right place. Your teeth will gradually move into the right place following the treatment plan followed by your doctor.